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dr. horrible evil laugh

April 2013

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dr. horrible evil laugh


My parents have been best friends with another couple in Chile for over 40 years. This couple is one of my sister's godparents. When we moved to the States in the 80s, my parents left a couple of open bank accounts there. The wife had Power of Attorney rights for my parents so she could conduct any monetary business on their behalf, and the husband had other legal rights over some property my parents had. So over the years, they've done quite a bit for my parents. For example, my mom has a sickly sister in Chile, so the wife would withdraw money from my parent's accounts to cover her health expenses. The husband was able to successfully negotiate a great price for my parent's apartment when they decided to sell it. You know, things like that. My parents trusted them 100%. Although my mom never returned to Chile, my dad went back every 5 years or so, and this couple were the first people he would spend time with.

So when my mom died unexpectedly, my dad went to Chile for a few weeks to have a memorial service with my mom's family and friends down there, and also to shore up any loose ends. It was a sad trip, certainly not for vacation purposes. The husband didn't go to the service, which my dad thought was uber-weird, and was really hurt by. He couldn't get a clear answer from the wife, so he left the matter alone. Upon his return, my dad got a call from the husband that went something like this:

Guy: I want to know what your intentions toward my wife are.
Dad: What?
Guy: The only times she's ever happy anymore is when you guys talk.
Dad: We chat on Facebook!
Guy: She wears lipstick when you visit.
Dad: I visit once every five years!
Guy: Is there something going on that I should know about?

So then this week he gets a letter from the wife saying she is revoking her Power of Attorney privileges and wants nothing more to do with us because - get this - she doesn't want to risk her marriage.


Does this make sense to anyone? Because it sure sounds like crazysauce to the rest of us here. My father is absolutely flabbergasted and hurt, and I am furious that they would dare to question my father's character, especially when he is still reeling from my mother's death. And it's so out of the blue, so out of character for them, that the only explanation that I can think of is that they were having problems in their marriage and are using my father as a scapegoat of sorts. Which is shady and awful and makes me even more pissed because they were supposed to be my mother's best friends, and they have completely insulted her memory with their nonsense. Everyone we've talked to about this (that also know this couple) are like WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Nobody can comprehend what the hell is going on, or what brought this on.

My mom would be LOLOLOLOLOLOL at the thought of my dad having an affair. Heh.


Seriously!! No one, and I mean NO ONE, that we've talked to can understand it. Everyone is flabbergasted. First off, the thought of my dad cheating on my mother with her best friend is ludicrous. Not that men don't do those types of things, but in my dad's case, it's downright laughable. Anyone who ever met my dad could tell that he worshipped my mother. Whenever we would joke around about dad having an affair, my mother would roll her eyes and bust out laughing. Secondly, HE LIVES IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. He would chat with this couple on the phone once a month, trade a few emails here and there, and visit ONCE EVERY FIVE YEARS. My mom was the one who kept in touch with them regularly, not my dad.

The whole is preposterous. No one understands it. Gah.
How weird! I think you're definitely right about them having issues and using him as a scapegoat. How detached from reality must you be to use someone who lives on another continent and only visits every 5yrs as a scapegoat?!?! lol